Welcome to Norlex Pool & Spa

Norlex Pool & Spa's mission is to provide a full range of high-quality top performance specialty chemicals, designed and formulated to keep your pool chlorinated, balanced and sparkling clean.

Quality chemical products

Maintaining a clean water environment

We care about water and clean water environment and no matter what your requirements are, you can be confident, that we have a quality chemical product for your needs, whether it is maintaining the right water balance or keeping your pool and spa facilities sanitized and clean.

We do that with a passion, as the right water balance is important to avoid unhealthy water born bacteria and viruses.

A part of Norlex Group

Norlex Pool & Spa is a part of Norlex Group, where leadership and employees’ focus are on delivering the best Scandinavian quality solutions for a clean water.

With many years of experience in both chemicals and complete systems within water treatment, Norlex Pool & Spa has the knowledge and expertise in providing you with the right products, tools and advice for a clean pool and spa.

Our customers are resellers, public pool companies, holiday rental homes, hotels and spas primarily in the Northern Europe.


Keep your pool and spa free from biofilm and corrosive deposits

Sanitation, prevention of bacteria and algae, and keeping the right water balance is important for achieving the right conditions of a healthy water environment in your pool and spa.

The right choice of chemicals is also the step forward to keep your pool and spa free from biofilm and corrosive deposits in the hidden pipe system.

Why should you choose Norlex Pool & Spa as your supplier?

Many years of experience

We are the experts with many years of experience in the field of clean water solutions.

Specialty chemicals with own formulations

We provide the highest quality and performance specialty chemicals with own formulations

A comprehensive range

We offer filtration systems and a comprehensive range of cleaning products.

Ready to advise you

We are ready to train you and advise you on the right choice of products and tools.

Easy and quick delivery

We offer easy ordering and quick delivery from several locations and stocks in DK.

European standards and regulations

All our products are registered and follow European standards and regulations.

Choosing the right products

We offer consulting and training to our partners and always have time to advise you on the right choice of products and accessories from our extensive range.

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